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The GEISA 2011 sub-database on line transition parameters


The GEISA 2011 sub-database of line transition parameters involves 50 molecules (111 isotopic species) and contains 3,794,426 entries, in the spectral range from 10-6 to 35,877 cm-1.This represents an increase of: 8 molecular species, 14 isotopic species and 2,139,626 entries since the GEISA-03 edition. The newly archived molecular species are: CH3Br, CH3OH, NO+, HNC, C6H6, C2HD, CF4, CH3CN.

The included molecules are constituents of the atmospheres of Earth (major permanent and trace molecules) and of other Planets (such as: C2H4, GeH4, C3H8, C2N2, C4H2, HC3N, H2S, HCOOH and C3H4, for the Giant Planets). Among the 31 spectroscopic parameters archived in GEISA, the most important for atmospheric radiative transfer modelling are: the wavenumber (cm-1) of the line associated with a vibro-rotational transition, the intensity of the line (cm molecule-1 at 296K), the Lorentzian collision halfwidth (cm-1 atm-1 at 296 K), with associated self - pressure broadening parameter, the energy of the lower level of the transition (cm-1), the transition quantum identifications for the lower and upper levels of the transition, the temperature dependence coefficient of the halfwidth, the database management identification codes for isotopologues and for molecules.