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GEISA sub-database on Microphysical and Optical

Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols


Besides the molecular species which define the gaseous infrared opacity in the Earths atmosphere aerosol particles also contribute to this opacity.
Consequently, a common GEISA and GEISA/IASI aerosols sub-database, has been elaborated. It gathers the micro-physical and optical properties from four published aerosol data catalogs, i.e. : Massie (1994, 2003, 2004), Rublev (1994) , Hess (1998), Koepke (1997), the overall content of which deals with the archive of complex refractive indices and possibly computed optical related properties, for selected basic aerosol components.
Softwares for data management and user-selected aerosol mixtures elaboration are available as well.